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With the augmentation of Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and mixed reality has led to change in the landscape of technology. Recognising the changes that are advancing in the industry, we are here to ease the transition of designers that will help them to ease the pain of the new AR/VR/MR development challenges.

This will help them to design smarter and make more informed creative decisions. At Intellslick we take a holistic approach to building your digital footprint. Our team delivers a full range of skill sets to meet your needs up and down the stack.


What we have to offer

We provide prototypes of AR/VR/MR using simple tools such as Sketch to VR, Vizor, or WebVR. For more advanced projects
we also use Unity/Blender to create dynamic and complex environmental sketches or characters.

We develop specialized AR/VR, Web, and Multitouch applications with innovative features, cognitive presence, perceptive presence, 3D UI, and scalable back-ends with super-low latency.

We focus on creating spaces that offer engagement and interaction using technology to form an arena for human interaction breaking down both physical and psychological barriers. This spatial experience can be encountered either through smart tech experience zones, web applications like 360 deg films, or animated films as well as using cross-platform SaaS applications using modern cloud technologies & web-based frameworks or virtual/hybrid events.

We offer customer-centric software and mobile applications for IoT, AI/ML, cybersecurity and other digital applications. We provide services and flexible training sources to offer end- to-end on-premise or cloud delivery models.

Whether you are looking for a product designer, or looking for interactive environments with smart spaces, or want to create outside the box experience to create the rich intelligent environment for marketing social benefits, reach out to us and our personnel will get in touch with you asap.






Let's Make Something Amazing Together