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Intellslick offers security protocols that are inconsistent with the organisation’s compliance standards and regulations (viz. HIPAA/PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.). Secure your business data, and processes using our competent cyber security services using the following services:


What we have to offer


Multifactor Authentication

Secure your stalk holders, clients, partners, vendors, and your workforce with our MFA services to ensure a safe psychological environment within your organisation.


Email security

You can mark a suspicious or malicious email as a phishing alert and our team will take the required actions thus safeguarding you from providing any personal details or opening any malicious links.


VPN network

We help your workforce with VPN installations and connections thus protecting your machines while using public Wi-fi /networks.


Network security

With SIEM, firewall and anti-virus protection, it will detect any malware or trojan attacks helping you to be alert while downloading a file or a video clip.


Application security

We provide application and web security services to ensure your product has multiple-layer protection in case of any discrepancies.


Cloud Security

Our CloudOps team ensures the security of your cloud-based applications to avoid theft, malware, and other cyber threat attacks. We offer a DLP system (Data Loss Prevention) to prevent crucial corporate information from coming out of the network.


Infrastructure security and compliance audit

We ensure that your organisation’s IT infrastructure is in adherence to all the security policies, and procedures, and is equipped with the necessary monitoring tools and physical access control. Your IT infrastructure is scanned to ensure it qualifies with the HIPPA and or PCI DSS protocol standards.

We thus offer a modernized and efficient security framework ensuring uniformity and consistency across all the operations, frameworks and business protocols. We help organisations to build and implement their own platforms for proactively monitoring, detecting and neutralizing threats. For more information, get in touch with us at (312) 895- 9800 or






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