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Intellslick has a competent team of experts who offer solutions that are custom-purposed for your brand value and helps to built your target market. We help improve your product/brand’s visibility online through various sources ensuring return on your investment and revenue growth.


What we have to offer



We offer organic way of search engine optimization services by improving your website rankings and making sure your site is visible online.


Email Marketing

We offer plug-ins, landing pages, sponsored emails, newsletters and responsive email services.


Pay Per Click

We help you avail the google/Bing or customized/Sponsored or amazon ads and help driving in the inbound traffic by promoting your brand offerings.


Influencer marketing

We help you collaborate with the influencers and gain endorsements for your products and/or brand.


Social media marketing

We ensure multi-channel consistency for our social media services and always keep a check on your ROI. We create, optimize and publish content for marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Interacting with Customers and Getting Feedback

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers and understanding their needs is a prime aspect of any business growth. We guide you in handling the customer’s feedback on interactive platforms and promote the provision of live chat support.

Whether you want to boost your online traffic or increase your local presence, our team of professionals will offer you the right business plan as per the needs and vision of your brand. We are here to produce leads for your business, develop a cohesive market strategy, increase your brand awareness in the local as well as the online market, boost sales and sky- rocket revenue growth. We cater to various industries such as beauty, consumer goods, food services, healthcare, etc. For more information, get in touch with us at (312) 895-9800 or






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