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We at Intellislick act in accordance to a four-stage gate plan. The key to design and development is the research process – both internal and external research development.


What we have to offer

The follow-through of the research plan is as realized by the 4 steps mentioned below.



To be at the top of your game in the competent market, research involves in getting continuous survey/feedback on current and future needs of customers and updating them with new releases and features in your product. It is equally important to have a market-research about your competitor products and form a comprehensive report about:

  1. Potential modifications needed in your product
  2. New feasible upcoming product in the market
  3. Augmentation or refinement of features/functionalities that are user-friendly and suffice the needs of the users.



Develop ideas for the potential fixes and ideate design principles to drive the plan. Analyse research report and formulate innovative ideas to fixate or overcome challenges that will assure user needs. about:



Drive the cycle from ideation to deployment by evaluating a range of possible outcomes and/or solutions. The design and development phase involves prototyping and testing the concept's viability which answers the critical questions of the requirement. about:


Testing and Deployment

Testing involves ensuring the feasibility of the product with user interface and functionality standpoint. Implementing the key aspects of the innovation and substantiate its importance to the key stakeholders is an important step in the deployment of the product. After deployment lies the strategic marketing and maintenance of the product. about:

Intellslick designers have years of experience building UI/UX utilizing the best practices and providing researched and insightful design support to our clients. We keep in mind your vision while designing and will bring best experience to our customers.






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