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Intellslick provides professional services to help our clients accomplish their business objective by providing flexible sourcing and delivery model whether it is working at your location or off-shore with innovation, security and domain expertise.


What we have to offer

We help you to improvise your plan of action, guiding your digital transformation journey and thus boosting your business efficiency as a whole. In the era of digitalization, we focus on product optimization, IT asset management, and speed up the IT support processes across a distributed IT infrastructure network.

Intellslick’s team evaluate your company’s workflows and configure security processes compliant with your organisation’s standards. We offer our end-to-end IT solutions with a global approach empowering organisations with the best technologies the industry has to offer.

We strive to deliver the best possible custom solutions while making sure you focus on your business. Stay ahead with our research and innovation in AI/ML, web development, cybersecurity and digital marketing services. We cater to various industries like automotive, food and and consumer goods, retail and transport etc.

Our team delivers transformative outcomes by having the skills to utilize the new disruptive technologies and integrating it with the old traditional IT technologies making your IT infrastructure agile and efficient.

We offer you the five fundamental services:


IT Infrastructure Support

We provide 24x7 tech support for your cloud-based applications and minimal turnaround time for your on-premise applications.



We offer the setup, assessments, control and security for the servers and provide preventive maintenance for the same.


Compliance and Security

We make sure all the process in the organisation is within its compliance and provide cyber security and firewall protection against any phishing attacks or malware.


Learning and Transformation

We offer customized learning series as per the organisation's needs for enhanced productivity, achieving formative excellence and gaining leadership skills.


IT Development & Automation

We deploy services from the creation of the idea, research, analysis, development, and testing to its deployment and maintenance using disruptive new technologies, as well as the old traditional IT technologies to make the products smarter, more efficient and scalable.

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