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We at Intellslick provide data analytics services that empowers your organisation irrespective of the scalability to reinvent your business with the data. We offer custom-built services that offer the optimum performance, scalability at reasonable costs.


What we have to offer

We offer custom-services for a wide range of analytics like big data analysis, real-time monitoring,
interactive data processing, operational analysis, dashboards, and visualizations.

We have a certified AWS team of architects having to know the best practices for cloud data analysis, data warehousing, and data management. Intellslick provides end-to-end solution from data collection, data processing, and data visualization as per your organisational needs for public/private/hybrid or edge cloud demands.

With cloud-based infrastructure, you can turn down your costs by up to 90%. Deploying your on-premise solutions to the cloud gives you the freedom of using the services as per the needs, and provides a quick turnaround in case of system failures. You can scale, deploy, and secure your data easily with our cloud-data analytic tools. Using cloud-based analytic solutions, you will generate higher ROI and provide your workforce with the performance flexibility they need.

With the cloud, we make it possible to be more agile and responsive along with shifting costs to an ongoing operating expense and away from a costly upfront capital also having security features designed to help you stay compliant with your best practices and industry regulations.

We at Intellslick help you explore the cloud-analytics solutions to satisfy your business needs. We help improve your experience with data insights and improvise automation processes to smoothen your operations.

With our cloud solutions at Intellslick, we take the data to the next level to capitalize on opportunities faster and more effectively. Partner with us today, to get an ambitious jump- start on your data flywheels and get things moving faster for your organisations.






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