SQL Programming


Course Description

This course is designed to equip aspiring data engineers with a comprehensive understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language) and its applications in building and managing data infrastructure. Participants will gain proficiency in writing complex queries, designing and optimizing databases, and leveraging SQL for efficient data manipulation and retrieval.

The program is structured over a period of 3 weeks, comprising a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and real-world projects. Participants will gain practical experience by working with industry-standard platforms and tools.


Participants with a strong interest and commitment to learning find success in these course even if they are a new laerner and just started with computers.

Capstone Project

Participants will apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world scenario by completing a capstone project. This project will involve designing and implementing SQL, incorporating the principles and technologies learned throughout the program.

By the end of this program, participants will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of designing and implementing databases making them valuable assets in the rapidly evolving world of data technology.

Job Roles

SQL Developer, ETL Developer

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  • Price $49
  • Instructor Sri
  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Lessons 16
  • Recordings Yes
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